Where are the Baha'is?

Where are the Bahá’ís?

Often those who want to meet the Bahá’ís or want to attend a service will ask “Where is your church? How can I attend a service?” However, in most areas the Bahá'í community is not defined or organized in terms of a congregational facility like a church community, but rather in terms of community service and outreach. Though some large urban communities maintain a “Bahá'í Center,” which is usually a larger facility for hosting public events, holy day observances, and community activities, most often you will find the Bahá’ís engaged in community building at the neighborhood level by opening their own home, or by visiting the home of their neighbors. For example, you’ll find Bahá’ís . . .

  • uniting with their friends and neighbors in prayer, strengthening the devotional character of the community
  • responding to the spiritual aspirations of the young, by serving as children’s class teachers, or by assisting parents in beginning classes for her children and the neighbor’s children within her home
  • supporting a group of teens to help them explore their spiritual and social capacity, to sharpen their powers of expression, and to work for the common good in their communities.
  • bringing together people of varied backgrounds to study such topics as the purpose of life and the nature of the soul—and working alongside one another in their neighborhoods in acts of service.

You will find Bahá’ís in more than 8,000 towns and cities across the United States actively involved in fostering open, vibrant and supportive communities. Most Bahá'í activities are open to everyone. You will find the Bahá’ís everywhere! Come join us!